Lyndra Lynn – Lara Croft im Schlamm und neues Kuhdung video


We’ve two new videos from Lyndra Lynn for you. The first one is her new video where she takes a bath in a bathtub filled with cow dung. The second video is one of her cosplay videos. Where she’s dressed as Lara Croft who’s running away from a Trinity soldies. But she get’s stuck in the mud and the Trinity soldier catches him.

Lyndra Lynn cooling off with cow dung

Product description

It was a very hot summer day and I was looking for something to cool off. Then it occurred to me that I still had a bathtub full of cow dung. So I made my way to the bathtub. When I was there, I slowly started to smear myself, but it wasn’t enough, because I was still very warm. So I doused myself with a bucket of cow dung. But the stupid thing was that I was still very warm… I then got into the tub full of cow dung to cool down properly and also submerged almost completely with my head, somehow it was so horny that I started to play around with myself. I played around with the dildo and had a lot of fun. But at some point I had enough, so I got my towel to clean myself up and then I left. 

Lyndra Lynn cooling off with cow dung trailer

Lara Croft fucked in mud

Product description

I was looking for an artefact, but as usual, Trinity was already there. I tried to sneak past them, but a Trinity soldier noticed me. I took flight and ran, but unfortunately I ran into a mud hole and the Trinity soldier was right behind me and had me. Of course I didn’t give up without a fight, I took a stick, but somehow the soldier was much stronger than me and then I lost…. He pulled me through the mud hole and pulled down my trousers, as it seemed he hadn’t had a woman for a long time. I he pushed me face down in the mud and started fucking me. I threw mud at him but he didn’t care and continued. He smeared me more and more with mud and really fucked my pussy. He also licked my asshole and pussy.
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lara croft fucked in mud trailer

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