Squid Game Manure Erschienen


We’ve a new video with Lyndra Lynn and Franky. It’s 43 Minutes long and packed full of fun in the Manure. Of course we’ve oriented us on the original Squid Game, because we wanted do deliver something special. The challenge for Lyndra Lynn is to put in three dildos of different sizes in her ass within 5 minutes. During the video the Square (Franky) and Player 67 (Lyndra Lynn) both fuck in various different positions from missionary to doggystyle and cowgirl. Also with some nice dirty blowjob scenes and some dirty pussy licking. Both of them cover each other with lots and lots of cow dung. For more you can read the product description (story) down below and of course watch the trailer.

We also have again an auction with everything Player 67 (Lyndra Lynn) used in the video.

Squid Game Manure

Lyndra Lynn was bored, so she grabs the card a stranger gave her and calls the number. The person on the phone tells her the pick up point. The next day Lyndra gets picked up by a car at the pick up point.
She wakes up at an unknown location, the voice from the speaker tells her to get dressed, after she got dressed the voice tells her to proceed to the main room.
When she got there lyndra was very confused, as it was not what she had expected. A playing field? With dildos? A timer? Lyndra Lynn could not fail, otherwise it would be over. But unfortunately she did fail and it was clearly not what she expected. She was dipped in cow shit and then fucked by the square in many positions. When it was over Lyndra Lynn was put in a barrel and who knows, maybe she is still in there…

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Squid Game Manure Trailer

Squid Game Manure Auction

Squid Game Auction times

All items will end on the 29th November 2021. Here are the specific times all times are in 24h format and are CET time.

Player 67 Shoes 21:00
Player 67 Panty 21:10
Player 67 Bra 21:20
Player 67 T-shirt 21:30
Player 67 Tracksuit pants 21:40
Player 67 Tracksuit top 21:50
Squid Game Dildo Set 22:00

Squid Game Manure Auction items

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