Kuhdung Sammeln jetzt verfügbar und neuer Sale!


We’ve a new video from Lyndra Lynn for you. Her second time on the cow pasture, where she collects fresh and creamy cow patties. The full video is 36 minutes long. Also we’ve a big sale for you!

Large sale

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Summary of Collecting Cow dung

Collecting Cow dung is 36 Minutes long. Lyndra Lynn wears a nice top and sexy blue jeans, with some hot underwear underneath it. She begins to collect fresh cow patties in her bucket, here’s a list of what scenes are in the video.

  • Collecting cow dung with her hands
  • Sits down in a cow patty and starts peeing her jeans
  • Begins to smear cow dung on her clothes
  • Undresses and covers her body with cow dung
  • Starts to finger her pussy
  • Then fingers her asshole and uses the dildo
  • Swaps the dildo to fuck her pussy
  • Nice orgasm while being completely coverd in cow dung
  • Switches to doggystyle and masturbates her clit till she pees
  • Pushes her face in a cow patty
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Collecting Cow Dung Trailer

Full Video description

I was once again in the cow pasture with my bucket. I diligently collect the fresh cow patties. My bucket was full pretty quickly and I had to empty myself too. I sit down on the meadow directly in a cow patty and just let it run, my panties and jeans get very wet.. Then I cover my jeans and my sneakers with the cow dung and of course also my top. Then I strip down to my underwear and cover my entire body with cow dung. I’m so honry I can no longer stand it and I start to finger my wet pussy, then of course also my tight asshole. First with the finger, then with the dildo. After fucking my asshole with the dildo, I take my second dildo and fuck my pussy with it until I have a loud and nice orgasm. That was not all, of course, in doggystyle I rub my clit until I have to pee. After that I enjoy the cow dung on my skin and also push my face in the cow dung.

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