Dungjama und Liebliches Güllebad jetzt verfügbar!


We’ve two new video from Lyndra Lynn for you, both were custom orders. The first vone is “Lovely Dung Bath” the second one is “Dungjama”. Both videos are also available on our DarkFans profile here. 

Summary of Lovely Dung Bath

Lovely Dung Bath is 31 minutes long. In her first new video, Lyndra Lynn wears some sexy Hotpants and Top. Right at the begining she pees in her Hotpants, here’s a quick summary of scenes in the video:

  • Peeing in her hotpants
  • covering her clothes with cow dung
  • Undresses so she’s only in her sexy underwear
  • Covering her tits and body in cow dung
  • Begins to finger her tight asshole
  • Uses a Dildo for her asshole
  • Sucking on the cow dung covered dildo
  • Fingers her pussy then uses the toy to fuck herself
  • Submerges her head in the cow dung
  • Takes cow dung in her mouth
  • Masturbates standing
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Lovely Dung Bath Trailer

Full Video description

I’m on my way to my favorite pool. But then I realized that my pressure was too great and I had to relieve myself first. It was so much that it completely soaked my hot pants and ran down my legs, it even got in my shoes. Of course, that really turned me on right away. I took off my shoes and got into the manure basin, in the basin I first stirred the cow dung with my feet. Then I knelt in the creamy cow dung and began to smear my hot pants and my top with it. When I had everything nicely covered in manure, I slowly undressed. The beautiful red underwear was still too clean for me, so I covered it with the cow dung. After it was also covered in cow dung, I started to take it off too. I was now so horny and began to masturbate, first with my fingers and then also with toys. I first pushed my fingers into my asshole and then the dildo, that made me really wet so I also took a dildo to fuck my dripping pussy. After I had an orgasm, I had to cool my head of course, so I built a small pile of cow dung and put my head in it. Afterwards I had do it again, because I just could not get enough of the smell and the feeling of being completely covered with cow dung.

Summary of Dungjama

Dungjama is 39 minutes long, Lyndra Lynn wears a full sized pyjama. Which she fills completely with cow dung from the manure shower. Here’s a summary of scenes included in the video:

  • Kneeling under the pipe
  • The cow dung starts filling her pyjama
  • Laying back so the cow dung can spread inside the pyjama
  • Undresses and spreads the cow dung on her body
  • She lays on her back and begins to pee
  • Her pussy getting hit from above by the falling cow dung
  • Begins to masturbate in doggy position
  • Continues to masturbate in missionary
  • Walks out of the barn, but comes back for some more fun
  • Starts to masturbate again to a nice orgasm
  • A lot of playing and smearing with cow dung



24,99 32,99 
19,99 26,39 

Dungjama Trailer

Full Video description

This video is from a custom order. I’m wearing a full body pyjama, which I’m going to fill completely with cow dung. I sit right under the pipe, with the end of the pipe inside of my pyjama. The dung starts flowing and quickly fills my pyjama. A huge amount is flowing inside of it and covering my whole body.
After a bit I nearly couldn’t move anymore because of the weight. I start laying back so everything can spread better. Now it really was a Dungjama. After I smeared everything around I began to undress and to cover my naked body. I lay back in the basin now filled with manure so the cow dung can drip from the pipe on my pussy. I’m now so turned on that I begin to masturbate in doggy style. Then I lay back to masturbate in missionary which brings me to a really nice orgasm.

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